As Promised New Hot Boom Beach Hack Released

Hi All, if you remember I wrote that we re-worked all our hacks and are working on something new and hot and very very interesting? 😀 Now, it is officially released – our new Boom Beach hack is live and kicking! You can download free hack and add all the resources you were missing – diamonds, gold, wood, iron/etc.. (what not else). Boom Beach is rather new game, been released just month ago (even less) and offers stunning strategy play with really good PvP elements. Though, it reminds me a bit of the other games in this genre – Clash of Clans come to mind in the first place and, typically, you can enjoy game for the first two hours before you are getting stalled by lack of resources. So, get our hack and fix it :-) While it still works.Boom Beach


So that’s what I did – I saw the new release on my iPad, got the Boom Beach and spend whole Sunday playing it… until I got stuck with the damn resource shortage. Having said that, I thought it would be useful to hack the game and add few resources.. so I spent next 16 hours coding the Bom Beach hack 😀 I managed to successfully add to my account all the vital game resources but I was in a hurry to publish the hack… There still might be few bugs out there that I have not ironed out yet. For example, I have set all Boom Beach resources to 9000 and it worked. I have not tried to max out my account because this is a sure way to get you banned/etc…

boom beach hack

That’s the screenshot of what I coded :-) I’m trying to keep it in MyCheats.Net style, so used user matrix from previous hacks. I know it is not very user friendly but it works! I’ve tested it both on iOS and my Android phone – this shit does what it supposed to do.

If you encounter any bugs, please let me know! I know the hack code is raw and there might be glitches on some systems but oh well :-) I was very eager to release this Boom Beach hack version! I even labeled is as BETA because I presume there will be future updates soon as I get more feedback from you guys!

As always, thank you for visiting and stay tuned! I’m working on some more interesting new game hacks!

Major Hack Updates All Across The Board Today

Hi guys, we re-worked all our hacks (well, ones we have) and updated them all. Just wanted to let you know that we have fixed few issues in League of Angels hack. Re-checked performance on Free PSN code generator, fixed few minor issues on Dungeon Keeper hack and so on.. Pretty much every game cheat tool we had got updated today. Yay! We were a bit slow with new releases, had to double check if all is working/etc (yeah, no one wants leaking memory errors lol).

So, have fun playing your favorite games and, when you get bored – pick one of the free hacks we have and let ’em all feel the power of your characters or dungeons or whichever game you are running.

On a sneak preview – we are working on a brand new hack for a VERY hot new game title. Already making silly characters unkillable but we are still ironing out few bugs we have. Stay tuned!

Oh, almost forgot – we had a major blooper on our free PSN code giveaway page – oh snap, the iframe from our code generator server did not appear as we wanted lol.. Happens and, of course, fixed :-)

Keep in mind, those free PSN codes are used up very fast and there are only so many we can generate each day. Well, you can always use our PSN code generator. Works like a charm!

Most of all, have fun and have a good day.

How To Use League Of Angels Hack

Ok folks, a lot of you have been asking how to use our new working League of Angels hack. It might be a little bit confusing because we forgot to throw out platform selector. I just want to clarify that in this particular tool that selector does nothing since game is purely browser based (so far).

Ok, so you need to download our hack, unpack and run it. Then fill in username field and press “Validate” button (ignore Android/iOS selector, does nothing here). After you get successfull validation, enter desired amount of gold, diamonds and other things like soulstones and press Start button. After you get success message in command line below, press Update button.

I’ve just ran it and added 50mil gold and 99 thousand diamonds to my account just to show you that our League of Angels hack works 😀 Look at the screenshot!

League Of Angels Hack Working

League Of Angels Hack Working

That’s it. Easy as that. Please keep in mind that game gets updates and after those our cheat tool might not work. If so, leave a message and we will try to fix it!

Other than that Enjoy the game!

Dungeon Keeper Is Back!

Many of us remember the good old Dungeon Keeper game for PC. Fun times!!! I was even thinking about installing old PC emulator to run this game but graphics are really nasty compared to todays standards. Anyway, it was great pleasure when EA made a version of this game available to play for free on Android and iOS devices but, as usual, OH MY, there are resources you need to slowly gather and, of course, tons of in game purchases. That’s how people do today – you get a new game title, they hook you up and then ask to get your wallet out and shell a few bucks here and there.

Dungeon Keeper Android iOS

However, we have a good news for all you Dungeon Keeper fans. We made a little tool called Dungeon Keeper hack and you can download it for free from this page. As usual, this is a tool that will allow you to increase amount of in game resources free of charge and, as usual, it will probably need weekly updates to keep it going so check back to get latest version.

I have to say that EA did a great job on this game and it is fun to play until you start running slow on resources, as intended. What happened to good old “buy game and enjoy fun”? Oh well, so the race begins – we make hacks, people patch them, we make new and people patch them again 😀 The usual.

Anyway, enjoy this great game and HAVE FUN!

Video How To Use Hay Day Hack

Hi all. Last week we released new Hay Day hack and you can download and use it for free from our site. However, we got few questions from you guys how to use it as if it was not clear but still.

I’ve recorded this video to show you step by step how to use our latest version of HayDay hack :-)

Here it is, easy peasy and fun. All you need to do is download and run it:

I would like to recap that what’s new in this version.

1. We did fix it so it works with latest HayDay update

2. Improved stability and few crash issues

3. Fixed network connection timeout issue to our inject servers

4. Re-worked whole code to improve performance.

It is really simple to use. You can download it from this page. Extract it, run and follow video!

Please keep in mind while you can set your game resources to unlimited, keep it real, have fun and play your Hay Day game under the radar :-)

Most of all, HAVE FUN! :-)

Video – Clash Of Clans Hack In Action

Hello everyone! If you remember, yesterday we released our new free Clash Of Clans hack. I want to follow it up and made a video of our cheat in action :-) so I recorded a video just to show you how easy it is to use and here you can see our tool in action!

Pretty cool! I actually tried and messed around with it for a while and accidentally made on my account unlimited gems. Oh my :-)

Clash Of Clans Hack Working

Hey but keep in mind one thing. Do not overdo it!!! Seriously, don’t be greedy and add max to everything, keep it looking real!

In case you don’t have our new CoC cheat yet, you can get it from this page! And don’t forget one more thing – HAVE FUN! :-)

Video – How To Use Our Free PSN Code Generator

Hey all! As promised, we have made new version of our free PSN code generator! You can read all the details and download it from this page.

Since many of you asked how to use it, I recorded a screencast just to show you step by step guide how to use our code generator and to show you that it really works.

Here is what we did with the program since our last release.

1. Patched and now it works again with latest PSN updates

2. Fixed few bugs and addressed stability issues that this program had with new PSN update.

3. Left design unchanged :-)

Alright, I hope that now all is clear and you can simply get our new software from this page!

Enjoy your free PSN codes and let us know if you have any issues!


New Version Of Clash Of Clans Hacks Just Released!

Hey all, we just finished work on our new 100% free Clash of Clans hack and released it!

Here is a screenshot of our CoC hack for you:

clash of clans hack

It is completely safe, it works with any platform – iOS, Android, Facebook and it is incredibly cool. Best of all, it is completely 100% free to download and use.

What’s New In Our New Clash Of Clans Hack?

1. Resolved compatibility issues after latest Clash of Clans game updates for all platforms it works now 100%.

2. Improved stability (yep, we had some issues that people reported back to us, THANK YOU!) and addressed few crashes.

3. Fixed minor bug that sometimes did not add gems correctly to CoC running on Android platform.

4. Fixed occasional issue with Facebook game when using languages other than English

5. Major performance boost – we re-vamped whole code and made program work much faster!

You can download our free Clash of Clans hack from this page!

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or questions!

Latest Free PSN Code Generator Is Almost Here!

Hey all, we are finishing testing our latest PSN code generator Version 5.62!

To finish it quickly all we need is a few beta testers to iron out all the bugs and publish it here.

What we did:

1. Made it compatible with latest PSN updates

2. Cleaner and much fast code

3. Compatibility with most platforms.

psn code generator

Yes, we are giving this PSN code generator out for free, you can use our download page to get it. Keep in mind that code will be provided “as is” and without warranties. We seriously cannot take blame if it does not work on your machine however it won’t do any harm at all! That’s a promise!

So stay tuned and wait a little bit!